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Updated:  February 26th, 2017


This Tuesday, February 28th, is "Shrove Tuesday"
at the church. All classes are cancelled.
Let's make Wednesday, March 1st only, a pattern night
with the following schedule:
- 6 to 7 pm - White Belt to Yellow Belt,
- 7 to 8 pm - Green Stripe to Blue Belt,
- 8 to 9 pm - Blue Belt and Above,
- 9 to 10 pm - Black Belt / Open Training.


Fall River Taekwon-Do teaches the moral and social values of Ch'ang-Hon style traditional Taekwon-Do. Ch'ang-Hon style Taekwon-Do focuses on self defense not tournaments. No further changes in the art after volume 5 (1999) of the condensed encyclopedia, as approved by our founder General Choi Hong Hi.

A great place for individuals and families to bond, get in shape and much more.  Overall, a better way of life.

Start your journey to Black Belt

Some of the benefits are:
- Self Defense
- Physical Fitness

- Weight Loss
- Relieve Stress
- Discipline
- Improved Concentration
- Self Confidence
- Bully Proofing

Regular program - minimum age 7 years

(includes uniform & student manual)

  Click on - Special - for details



The Imugi program (Ages 4 - 6 years)

click on "Imugi" (little dragon above) for information




- No membership contracts.

- Memberships include student insurance.

- No mandatory private lessons nor between rank testings.

- All levels have at least four of their own classes they can attend per week.

- All classes are 1 hour in duration.



OR EMAIL: fallrivertkd@gmail.com


For Technical Issues, Please Email: fallrivertkd@gmail.com


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