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 If the weather or an unforeseen event has forced the cancellation of classes, either someone will answer or a recorded message will be left on 902-229-0195 at least one hour prior to class start time.  We will try to update the website, facebook and send out a group e-mail first, but this may not always be possible, please try the 902-229-0195 number if nothing is stated on the previously mentioned media.

Class Schedule

No Classes

No Classes

6 - 7 pm - White Belt to Green Stripe

7 - 8 pm - Green Belt and above

6 - 7 pm - White Belt to Green Stripe

7 - 8 pm - Green Belt and above

6 - 7:30 pm - Black Belt

No Classes

9 - 10 am - Red Belt to Black Belt

10 - 11 am - White Belt to Green Stripe

11 am - 12 pm - Green Belt to Red Stripe

St. Thomas Anglican Church.
3534 Highway #2, Fall River, 1.0 kms from Sobeys

*No membership contracts*

*We give receipts*

*Memberships include student insurance*

*No mandatory private lessons nor between rank testings*

*All levels can attend multiple classes per week*

*All classes are 1 hour in duration*


Phone:  229-0195 or E-mail:  fallrivertkd@gmail.com

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