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Master Bill Stoerig



7th degree Black Belt


International Master Instructor and Examiner


Class "A" Umpire and Referee


Successful tournament competitor and national/international coach


Attends seminars, courses and workshops throughout Canada


Retired with 30+ years of service from the Canadian Armed Forces



Pictured: (left to right) Grand Master Kwan Jang Nim Cariati, Miss Jessica Stoerig, Mrs. Sharon Stoerig, Master Bill Stoerig.

Master Stoerig has been a student of Taekwon-Do for many years, training continuously with various Instructors and Masters.  Master Stoerig's Instructor is Grand Master Kwan Jang Nim Cariati and in addition to training locally, he attends numerous seminars and workshops throughout Canada, hence teaching Taekwon-Do the way it was intended by the founder, General Choi Hong Hi. 






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